Announcement of new development. [high speed transmission, high temperature resistance and up to 140 pins are available] 0.4mm pitch floating connector “DUS series” with 3mm low stack height.

KEL Corporation has developed the 0.4mm pitch floating connector “DUS series” that low profile height with a stack height of 3mm.

The main feature is the stack height of 3mm, which is even lower than the stack height of 5mm of “DU series” (0.4mm pitch), which has the narrowest pitch in our floating connectors. The amount of floating is the same as DU series, that is ± 0.4mm in the XY direction.

Meanwhile, as it is capable of 16Gbps (-3dB, 8GHz) high speed serial transmission at the operating temperature + 125 ℃, it can be used for an automotive application which requires such high temperature environment.

The number of contacts are available from 30 to 140, and we are currently able to provide prototype samples of 40 pins and 140 pins.

<Main features>
・Low profile design with 3mm stack height
・Capable of 16Gpbs (-3dB, 8GHz) high speed serial transmission
・Operating temperature up to + 125 ° C
・The number of contacts are available from 30 to 140pins. * Prototype samples are currently available for 40 and 140pins.
・Floating amount to be± 0.4 mm in XY direction
・Insulator molding on the bottom of receptacle enables wiring pattern at the bottom of connector.

<Target market>
・In-car equipment (navigation system, In-vehicle camera, ADAS peripherals)
・Image equipment (single-lens reflex cameras, broadcast cameras)
・Industrial equipment (semiconductor inspection equipment)
・5G / IoT peripherals.

<Product specifications>
・Insulator materials: LCP (with glass-filled) UL94V-0 material, color: black
・Contact material: copper alloy
・Contact plating: Gold over Nickel
・Retention clip material: copper alloy
・Retention clip finish: Tin over Nickel
・Dust-proof tape material: Polyamide
・Current rating: 0.4A per contact (simultaneous electric conduction shall be 60pins or less)
・Contact resistance: 100 mΩ or less
・Dielectric withstand voltage: AC200V, 1 minute
・Insulation resistance: DC250V, 100MΩ or more
・Durability of insertion and removal: 100 times
・Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ + 125 ℃

* Because this is a product under development, specifications and shapes are subject to change without notice.