<Development concept “NeGSSUC”>

TSL series was developed as a next-generation coaxial harness that supports high-speed transmission in response to new AWG#36, 500mm technological innovations such as 5G IoT AI with the development concept of “NeGSSUC = Next Generation Super Speed Micro (μ) Coaxial Connector”.
In order to maximize the performance of the connector, high-performance 32Gbps high-speed transmission was achieved by using a high-performance coaxial cable “RUOTA” manufactured by Totoku Electric Co., Ltd., which has little attenuation and delay.
In high-speed transmission, the quality of the cable assembly is said to affect its performance.
KEL processes harnesses at designated factories and performs 100% inspection at KEL factories, so we can provide harness products that guarantee high-speed transmission.
TSL series is a product that takes full advantage of the high-speed transmission technology that KEL has cultivated so far and is responsible for the next generation of interconnection.
* “RUOTA” is a registered trademark of Totoku Electric Co., Ltd. No.5594596