Ironwood Electronics continues to provide Grypper test solutions as the world is rapidly shifting to mobile 5G devices, which will support immense amounts of data

The 297 BGA socket is one of many newer LPDDR4X and LPDDR5 Grypper test sockets.

This socket uses the Grypper contacting technology that allows the test socket to be placed in the exact location as the device. The Grypper socket has the same footprint as the device and requires no lid to hold the device in the socket. The device simply snaps into the socket.

The Grypper is a SMT socket, and replicates the actual device which is reflowed to your PCB. The socket can be ordered with SAC 305 solder balls or Eutectic allowing easy replacement on to your PCB that already has components on the board.

The available sockets are: GR1014-0001 (Eutectic) and GR1014-0002 (SAC 305) !!