FAS Series is 1.5mm pitch drawer connector, and it offers prevention of buckling of the contact pins, easy adjustment of the mating position, reduction of the stress when mating and highly reliable connection. KEL recently developed this product as a smaller version of the FA Series, which was released earlier, and has launched sales of the FAS Series. The FAS Series inherits the features of the FA Series.

Its sufficient amount of floating (±1.4mm Max. to X and Y directions) reduces the stress occurs in mated condition.
Additionally it has a structure to absorb ±3mm gap in X and Y directions when mating.
In this structure, contact pins do not touch until both receptacle and plug become straight in order to prevent the buckling.

For the concept of contact mechanism, twin-leaf pinching 2 point contact structure which is well acknowledged for our battery connector GF series is adopted.

The effective mating length of the FAS Series is 3.4mm.

The current rating is 2.5A, and AWG24 to 28 cables are applicable. There are eight types of variations in the number of pins, from 4 to 40 pins. KEL intends to expand the variations to meet market needs in the future.

This product is genuinely a small-size high-performance drawer connector. The FAS Series has almost the same specifications as the FA Series except for some electrical characteristics.