Simula Technology Inc. was established in 1990 with more than 25 years of connector experience.  We lead the industry by excellent R&D technologies and high market share.  Our company keeps enhancing R&D technologies and process capability for outstanding technologies – excellent quality and steady operation.

Simula provides complete consumer electronics interconnectivity solutions for its clients and industry partners. Simula is committed to integrating supply partners to offer clients the most competitive solutions and highest quality of service.

USB-C series is our strong product with below advantages.

  1. Simula is the one of the few suppliers which both has connector, cable and accessory design, simulation and manufacturing ability.
  2. USB-C connector: With TID certification, complete product range and custom products.
  3. USB-C Cable:  With TID certification, complete product range, and custom products [High reliability, cable OD, flexibly..etc.]
  4. USB-C Accessory: With complete EE support, complete product range, and custom products.

Special cases for example.

  1. The only one upright type USB-C receptacle connector for Adapter application in marketing.
  2. A custom USB Type-C Y Cable for 3D printer.
  3. A custom high reliability USB-C cable for High end VR device_ Bending 20,000 cycles.[Normal is 1,000~2,000 cycles]
  4. Already developed USB-C to 12 Port dock. [Normal is USB-C one port to 6 port.dock]