Two-piece RF Shields, EMI Shielded Cans, RF Shielding Cabinets for PCB, Board Level Shielding, Tin Plated Steel

Masach brings twenty five years of know-how and expertise into every standard shield produced. Our ever-growing selection of standard EMI/RFI shields is the largest in the industry, saving our customers precious time and money while catering to the electronic industry’s growing high frequency and RF applications. With emphasis on technology and design, Masach drawn EMI/RFI shields boast top performance across the metrics, featuring a seamless protective cage, robust construction, optimal planarity and two-piece shield design. Order board mount EMI | RF shielding can online.

The MS-ENG-KIT21 Engineering-Kit contains a wide range (21 sizes) of our “Hermetically Sealed” Drawn EMI | RF Shields. It provides an unprecedented opportunity for PCB designers to save time, money, and avoid general frustrations while designing prototypes.

Masach Drawn EMI | RFI Shields Features & Benefits:

Seamless Protective Cage for higher shielding effectiveness
Optimal Planarity for higher yield on reflow soldering
Solid Construction to resist dents and warps
Two-piece Shield Design enables to repair components without removing the shield, saving time and reducing repair damage

Looking for a specific Item?

If you cannot find a standard shield according to your requirements, please contact us and we will find a suitable solution for your specific needs.