Jauch have developed the JBH24 battery holder which allows a quick and simple battery change.

The main feature is that the holder can be used for two different battery sizes!
In addition to this, it is available in bulk or in a tape-and-reel version to support the pick and place process for PCB assembly.

 Benefits of the JBH24 battery holder:

  • suitable for coin cells of the sizes CR2450 and CR2477 from all manufacturers
  • tape-and-reel version available
  • convenient pick-and-place PCB assembly
  • quick and easy insert / change of battery
  • heat resistant up to 270°C
  • snap-action mechanism for safe battery lock
  • explicit separation of contacts
  • no risk of short-circuit
  • premium quality materials used
  • all components and surfaces fully RoHS compliant
  • mechanically very stable