SmartSocket with Heat Sinks, Heaters, Junction Sensors, Logic Circuits !!

WHAT IT IS… The SmartSocket™ consists of a base socket and cover design for any package along with a combination of components tomonitor and control the temperature of each individual device package during burn-in.
HOW IT WORKS… A temperature setpoint for the heater control is programmed by the user using Loranger software. If a device under burnin has diode input/outputs, the SmartSocket™ can monitor the diode output, instead of the RTD, to control the heater output and maintain a given temperature setpoint.
• SmartSockets are available with a combination of an RTD temperature sensor, heater, heatsink, and control circuitry within the socket.
• Heaters and RTDs without control circuitry are optionally available for connection to customer-supplied monitoring and controlling equipment.
• Forward voltage drop monitoring of the DUT’s diodes (when accessible) can be used to monitor the junction temperature and control the heater within the SmartSocket™.
• Loranger Software can be used to set and monitor the temperature of each socket.
• Compensates for varying DUT output wattages in the same chamber to achieve a consistent burn-in temperature for each socket.
• Lower chamber temperatures achieved while maintaining a given package temperature.