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Clamshell Production Test Socket for BGA1296 – Ironwood

Socket and Test your 37.5×37.5mm BGA device using extreme temperature socket !! Ironwood Electronics recently introduced a new Stamped spring pin socket  addressing high performance requirements for testing BGA1296 – CBT-BGA-6076. The contactor is a stamped spring pin with 19 gram actuation force...

Customized EMI Shields – RFI Shielding Cans Solutions – Masach

Future-proof Design Simplification and Optimization Masach takes a proactive role in the decision process, bringing its vast experience and expertise in the field to find the optimal shield design and configuration for every need. Masach’s Engineering department can either design...

Elastomer Socket for High Bandwidth 0.5mm Pitch 64QFP – Ironwood

Socket your High Speed QFP IC using elastomer socket with superior electrical performance !! Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance QFP socket for 0.5mm pitch 64 pin QFP. The SG-QFE-7020 socket is designed for 10mm x 10mm...

75 GHz BGA Socket for IDT’s FCCSP121 – Ironwood

Quickly and easily Socket your 0.5mm pitch 11×11 array, BGA121 packages on any application board with performance equivalent to direct solder version !! Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new BGA socket design using high performance elastomer capable of 75GHz,...

Surface Mount Package Emulation – Ironwood

Ironwood-SMT Pkg Emulation-118
Ironwood has developed the industry's widest range of interconnection adapters for testing and socketing of SMT devices. We offer SMT bases and thru-hole adapters for BGA, QFN, MLF, PLCC, QFP, and SOIC packages. SMT Package Emulators provide highest speed, reliability, and...

On Semi Device Converter Allows TSOPs to be used in SOIC footprint without re-spinning mother board

Fairchild 74LVX3245MTC 0.65mm pitch TSOP can be used on an existing 1.27mm pitch 24 position SOIC SMT lands via cost effective leadless adapter !! Ironwood Electronics' new device converter - DC-SO/SO-AKL24323-L-01 allows customers to use 0.65mm pitch TSOP on a 1.27mm pitch...

Swivel Lid Spring Pin BGA Socket for LP-DDR4 – Ironwood

Socket your 200 pin BGA package using Extreme Temperature Socket with Superior Electrical Performance !! Ironwood Electronics recently introduced a new BGA socket addressing high performance requirements for testing BGA devices – SBT-BGA-7051. The contactor is a stamped spring pin...

52 GHz Bandwidth Socket for BGA228 Package – Ironwood

Socket your BGA package using elastomer socket with superior electrical performance !! Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance elastomer socket for 0.65mm pitch BGA package. The SG25-BGA-2045 socket is designed for a 11mmx11mm package size and operates...

BGA SMT Emulation Adapter Set Allows Affordable, Reliable Socketing of Xilinx FF1153 ICs – Ironwood

Users Can Reuse their Xilinx1153 ICs with Easy to Use BGA Adapter Set !! Ironwood Electronics is introducing SF-BGA1153A-B-42F and LS-BGA1153A-41 BGA SMT adapter set, a low cost and reliable socket for Xilinx 1153 pin BGA ICs. The adapter pair...

M-Series of M8 and M12 SMT – ALTW

ALTW-M-Series of M8 and M12 SMT-118
ALTW presents M8/M12 SMT (Surface Mount Technology) connectors. ALTW's M8/M12 SMT connectors are two-piece connectors designed for PCBs that can be equipped on both sides and do not have via holes for the connections pins, making it cost-effective by reducing...