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Frequency Control Products

Quartz Crystals
Quartz Crystal – SMD – Ceramic Package
SMD – Metal/Ceramic Package
SMD – Metal Package / Molded Base
SMD – Plastic Mold  Package
Pin Type – Metal Package
Tuning Fork Crystal – SMD
Tuning Fork Crystal – Pin Type

Automotive Quartz Crystals

Quartz Crystal Oscillators
HCMOS – SMD – Ceramic Package
Programmable – HCMOS – SMD – Ceramic Package
HCMOS – SMD – Ceramic / Metal Package
HCMOS – Pin Type – Full Metal Package
VCXO – HCMOS – SMD – Ceramic / Metal Package
VCXO – HCMOS – Pin Type – Full Metal Package
(VC) TCXO – Clipped Sine – SMD Ceramic/Metal Package
PECL – SMD – Ceramic / Metal Package
LVDS – SMD – Ceramic / Metal Package
VCXO – PECL – SMD Ceramic / Metal Package
Spread Spectrum Oscillator – HCMOS -SMD Ceramic / Metal


MEMS Silicon Oscillators


MEMS-Sample Request 


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The Jauch Group is one of the leading specialists for quartz crystals, crystal oscillators. Established in 1954, we are now one of the leading companies in the frequency control products industry, and most recently also with innovative MEMS timing clocks. 

We underline our claim to leadership with our in-depth technical consulting, high application, and certification expertise, advanced test environments, high availability and fast delivery of products and the world’s largest warehouse for frequency generating devices.

We have invested in production facilities at our headquarters in Villingen-Schwenningen to meet customer needs around the world in a timely manner: MEMS oscillators are configured and delivered there in our own production facility there with attention to timeliness.