Tuning Fork Crystal in miniature SMD package 32.768 kHz Download PDF

Jauch-SMQ32SN product announcement 118px

The SMQ32SN is a very small size SMD crystal which is only offered at a frequency of 32.768 kHz. The seam sealed ceramic metal package contains a highly reliable and heat resistant tuning fork crystal. A special photolithographic manufacturing process is used in order to reduce the blank size and to improve the electrical parameters. The SMQ32SN is specially designed for a very low power consumption and for smallest package size. It is optimized for industrial-, telecom-, consumer- and portable electronic applications and is especially adapted for RTC´s or ultra-low-power microcontroller applications. The SMQ32SN may typically be used for battery powered applications to feed real time clock devices (RTC). It is ideal for use in battery operated devices where reduced standby energy consumption is critical.