Announce of new variation of 5.08 pitch connector “FTC series”​ 

We have developed new variations of the “FTC series” connectors accommodate two 5.08 mm pitch crimped cables.

(1) PCB side connector straight type (FTC11- □□ S □).
(2) 10pin version added to PCB side connector / right angle type (FTC11), Cable to Cable type (FTC12), and locking type (FTC02).

(3) 0.1μm thickness gold-plated version added to the PCB side connector and the crimp contact.
Please refer to the table below for a list of variations.

<FTC series variation list>

<Products released>
・ FTC11- □□ S □: Plug (PCB side, straight type)
・ FTC11- □□□ B: Plug (PCB side, straight type, and right angle type) – 0.1μm thickness gold-plated contact.・ FTC02-10, FTC11-10L □, FTC12-10: 10 pin version added
・ # 625B- □□-□: crimp contact gold-plated thickness 0.1 μm
・ # 641B- □□-□: crimp contact with 0.1 μm thickness gold-plated

<Main target market>
・ Electric power equipment ・ Vehicle equipment ・ Industrial equipment
・ Electronic application equipment ・ Amusement equipment ・ Office equipment

– Two crimped cables can be accommodated into one contact.
– Applicable to AWG # 14/16/18/20.
– Crimped cable can be mounted at any point of the housing.
– Crimping two cables together enables to save space and transfer power-supply between connectors.
-Mating guide structure absorbs ± 3 mm in the location error.
-Marginal screw hole of the cable side connector absorbs ± 0.7 mm in the XY direction after mating. (FTC01)
– Effective mating length is as tall as 3 mm.
– Twin-leaf pinching 2 point contact structure prevents buckling of contact, and the stable contact force improves reliability.

・ Insulator materials: PBT (with glass-filled) UL94V-0 material, black
・ contact material: Copper alloy
・ contact plating: Nickel plated base
Contact / gold-plated
FTC11- □□□ B: 0.1 μm or more (thin plated product)
FTC11- □□□ F: 0.38 μm or more (thick plated product)
Tail / gold-plated
Retention clip material: Copper alloy
Retention clip finish: Nickel plated base, gold-plated
・ Current rating: 5.5A to 20A per contact
Current rating varies depending on the combination of cables and terminals used.
-Rated voltage: 600V AC / DC
・ Contact resistance: 10mΩ or less
・ Dielectric withstand voltage: AC2,200V, 1 minute
・ Insulation resistance: DC500V, 1,000MΩ or more
・ Durability of insertion and removal: FTC11- □□□ B 100 times FTC11- □□□ F 500 times
・ Operating temperature: -55 ℃ ~ + 105 ℃