Over 100 patterns of our PGA (0.1″ pitch) pin array interconnects are available, with array sizes ranging from 5×5 to 26×26 pins, including IPGA. Three pins types are available, including wire wrap. PGA ZIF sockets are available for arrays sizes 10×10 10 25×25.

PGA receptacles are available in all of the package codes, including the IPGAs. Three pin options are available, as well as ZIF sockets for 10 x 10 to 25 x 25 arrays. The pin options are illustrated below. To determine the correct part number, fill in the custom package code grid below and fax/email to bce@bce.it

Typical SK PGA

Typical SK-PGA with standard pins

Typical SK-PGA with terminal / terminal pins

Typical SK-PGA with wire wrap pins

To order a ZIF socket add a Z to the part number as indicated in example. To order wire wrap pins add W to the part number.

Typical SK-PGA with ZIF socket

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