Established in 1986, Ironwood Electronics is a world-class manufacturer of high performance sockets, adapters, and modules. Our vast product line includes over 25,000 different designs, all manufactured in our state of the art, ISO9001:2015 certified facility. We offer a wide selection of both custom and standard high performance adapters and sockets, plus experienced engineering for quick-turn and complex designs. We offer probing, prototype, and SMT package emulation for all SMT packages and high-bandwidth 90+ GHz sockets for BGA/QFN with pitches down to 0.3 mm. Our latest adapters include QFN/MLF package emulators, BGA high endurance test sockets, BGA production adapters, and back-to-back Xilinx-compatible BGA sockets. These adapters/sockets support the product life cycle, from silicon characterization to product development. Engineers are able to test and develop products more quickly with Ironwood prototype and test adapters for all package types – including very high-density 90+ GHz BGA and QFN/MLF. Product life of existing PCBs can be extended using package converter technology to replace or upgrade original or obsolete components and provide small to high volume turnkey solutions.