High Reliability LCC Sockets

Only Available From Andon Electronics Corporation

Unique Design Avoids Cracking of Solder Joints and Ceramic Substrate:

  • LCC Image Sensors are packaged with up to 100 castellations (contacts).
  • The ceramic substrate packaging presents new challenges for RoHS high temperature soldering.

Eliminating the Cracking of LCC Substrate and Solder Joints:

  • Historically, Image Sensors are soldered directly on the printed circuit board (PCB).
  • LCC Image Sensors require longer soldering times for RoHS high temperature solders.
  • The ceramic substrate “expands” while the solder joint is “fixed” and cracks.

Key Benefits for Andon Electronics patented LCC Sockets:

  • Avoid color array high temperature soldering damage.
  • Avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) production line problems.
  • Avoid cleaning solutions clouding glass cover.

Reduce handling and ESD. Reduce Cost of PCB assembly for contract assemblers. Protect Sensors and color array from soldering temperatures and cleaning solution damage.

                                                          *US Pat #5,588,847