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CEN LINK – Product Overview

CEN-prod Over 03-14 118px
New Product Overview with: Pogo and Machine Pin Connector, battery Connector, Borad to Board Connector, Storage Connector, I/O Connector, Customoze Design Connector !!  ...

New MEMS Oscillators Catalog – Jauch GmbH

Juach-xMEMS cat118px
Jauch Quartz GmbH enlarges its existing MEMS oscillator product range and shows the new Catalog with the new products !!  ...

Benefit of MEMS Technology – Jauch GmbH

Jauch-Mems Oscillator -118
        Product Features: Customized and configurable Fast delivery service for small quantities Extremely high shock and vibration immunity: 50,000 G shock and 70 G vibration Wide operating temperature range: -55°C ~ + 125°C High frequency stability over...

FBC Series 2mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Cable / Crimp Type – KEL Corporation

The FBC Series is a 2mm-pitch crimp connector. The outstanding features of the FBC Series are its connection style and locking mechanism. The FBC Series uses a stacked connection style where the cable side connector is vertically connected to the...

Product Overview – KEL Corporation

KEL Product Overview 2010 (rev 10-10) 118px
Product Overview  ...

M-Series of M8 and M12 SMT – ALTW

ALTW-M-Series of M8 and M12 SMT-118
ALTW presents M8/M12 SMT (Surface Mount Technology) connectors. ALTW's M8/M12 SMT connectors are two-piece connectors designed for PCBs that can be equipped on both sides and do not have via holes for the connections pins, making it cost-effective by reducing...

M12 X-Code to RJ45 Cat.6A Adapter

Reliable Linkage of Data Transmission across the Ethernet to your electronic devices !! Amphenol LTW (ALTW) is now further extending its M12 product range to not only include A, B, D, S and T-Code product but also M12 X-Code to RJ45...

Company Overview – CEN LINK

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Since its establishment in 1981, CEN LINK has specialized in the design and manufacture of all sorts of electronic connectors which earned the company reputation and recognition from its customers. The company is pro-actively engaged in new product R&D and...

New Product Card – Jauch GmbH

Jauch-product card 2017-118px
PERFECT TIMING FOR EVERY APPLICATION !! Jauch frequency control products are produced and configured according to the highest quality standards. Therefore they provide reliable timing also under extreme conditions and for the most complex applications. As a producer, we know...

Cable Joiner IP68 UL FICX Series

Introducing our new developed cable joiner, UL FICX series, which is compliant with the UL2238 standard to extend industrial high demand for cable assemblies and fittings for control and signal distribution. The UL FICX series is designed with screw terminal...