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HA-58 Series of Incremental Encoders

GSEE-TECH Std HA-58 Incr Encoder-118
Die-casting metal housing: Sturdy housing not only protects the encoder from the surrounding environment, and also as a shielding layer; The unique reverse osmosis design of moistureproof and condensation-proof, is suitable for high humidity and differece in temperature environments, could...

Ultrasonic sensors – GSEE-TECH

GSEE-TECH Ultrasonic sensors - versatile generalist-118
Ultrasonic sensors calculate distance by measuring sonic wave flight time rather than intensity of sonic wave, so the background suppression is obvious. Only object could reflect sonic wave, no matter which color, what shape or what material, would be detected....

M-Series of M8 and M12 SMT – ALTW

ALTW-M-Series of M8 and M12 SMT-118
ALTW presents M8/M12 SMT (Surface Mount Technology) connectors. ALTW's M8/M12 SMT connectors are two-piece connectors designed for PCBs that can be equipped on both sides and do not have via holes for the connections pins, making it cost-effective by reducing...

M12 X-Code to RJ45 Cat.6A Adapter

Reliable Linkage of Data Transmission across the Ethernet to your electronic devices !! Amphenol LTW (ALTW) is now further extending its M12 product range to not only include A, B, D, S and T-Code product but also M12 X-Code to RJ45...

Industrial Automation Solutions – ODS

ODS-Ind Automation-118
Today's highly increasing competitiveness over the industry demands high quality and most consistent products with a competitive price. One of the remarkable and influential moves for getting the solutions of this challenge is the Industrial Automation. Industrial Automation facilitates to...

Marine Electronics Solutions – ODS

ODS-marine elec sol-118
As a certified NMEA 2000 member, ODS features connectors, cable assemblies and accessories in plastic and metal versions specifically designed to fit marine requirements. Our NMEA series follows the requirements of a serial data communications network to interconnect marine electronic...

Renewable Energy – ODS

ODS-renevable energy-118
Most of renewable energy facilities are installed in harsh environment and temperature. The product usually designs as waterproof and available to work in UV light and harsh temperature environment. ODS' skilled and experienced engineers also further develop and customize products...

IP CCTV Camera and Security – ODS

ODS-CCTV and security-118
With PC monitoring, digital video recorders and a broad range of video IP codecs widely available, end users and CCTV companies are often looking at ways to reduce their ongoing infrastructure costs. ODS waterproof connector solutions can offer cost savings...

Heavy Equipment – ODS

ODS-Heavy Equip-118
From trucks to tractors, from motorcycles to recreational vehicles, we offer products that work just as hard as the vehicles in which they are installed. We engineer tough products for your application needs. We know that dependability is a must...

Hybrid Electric Vehicle – ODS

ODS-Electric vehicle-118
The specification of EV/HEV connector in international is standard and unite. ODS not only provides standard signal and power connector, but also customizes business demand. ODS' integrated ability help business to have high performance on the transmission of power and...