Specialist for Batteries

       Rechargeable Lithium-Batteries

1)     Li-Ion and Lithium Titanate batteries
2)     Li-Po batteries
3)     LiFePo4 batteries
Nickel Batteries
1)     Ni-MH batteries
2)     Ni-Cd batteries
3)    Ni-Cd / Ni-MH batteries
4)     Nicket battery packs

       No rechargeable Lithium Batteries

1)     LiSOCL2 batteries
2)     LiMnO2 batteries
3)     Lithium cells packs 
Battery holders
1)     D/R/UM1 size
2)     C/R14/UM2 size
3)     AA/R6/UM3 size
4)     AAA/R3/UM4 size
5)     N/R01/UM5 size
6)     Safety battery holders
7)     Battery holders for lithium button cells
Alkaline Batteries
Cylindrical Lithium batteries
Lithium button cells
Customized Battery Packs

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