Thermal Solutions

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SM/SMP – Embedded Silver Ball Elastomer Matrix Technology Socket for Semiconductor Test

Prototype and Production Test Applications demand high bandwidth followed by high compliance, low resistance and high temperature. • Elastomers have high bandwidth • Elastomers have low resistance • Elastomers have low compliance • Due to small thickness and mechanical coupling... read more
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Adapter Technologies

Pluggable BGA adapter system (Giga-snaP™), Surface mount package emulators, Package convertors & Fix adapters, Prototype, probe & analysis adapters, Receptacles, extenders, rotators and socket plugs, Electronic modules !! Custom adapter designs in 2 days Match customer’s PCB footprint Custom adapter... read more
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Socket Technology Summary

Company Overview – Over 5,000 products – High Performance Adapters and Sockets – Many Custom Designs – Engineering – Electrical and Mechanical – ISO9001:2008 Registration   Socket Technology Overview – Embedded gold plated wire elastomer (SG) – Stamped & Etched... read more

Solder Form Sockets™ – ANDON

Andon Ultra Low Profile Solder Form Sockets™ ANDON SOLDER FORM SOCKETS™ • Solder preforms are assembled under the head of the socket terminal for low profile accurate solder volume and placement on your PCB • Cost savings by eliminating the... read more

30 GHz Bandwidth Socket for mixed pitch BGA378 – Ironwood

Socket your 378 pin BGA packages on any PCB without significant performance loss and without soldering !! Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new high performance BGA socket for 0.61mmx0.635mm pitch BGA 378 pin IC's. The SG-BGA-7303 socket is designed... read more

75GHz Clamshell Socket for NXP’s BGA292

Quickly and easily Socket your 0.8mm pitch 20×20 array, 292BGA packages on any application board with performance equivalent to direct solder version !! Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced a new BGA socket design using high performance elastomer capable of 75GHz,... read more
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Socket Applications

Loranger International Corporation burn-in and test sockets are used worldwide in programs including defense, guidance, automotive, music, communication and space exploration. Loranger Sockets are designed to withstand the conditions of burn-in, test, HAST, humidity and repeated insertions.   ... read more
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Thousands of Burn-in and Test Sockets

Loranger International Corporation designs and manufactures burn-in and test sockets, printed circuit boards and environmental chamber systems for the electronics manufacturing industry. Loranger International Corporation sockets are optimized for today’s small, fine pitch electronic packages including QFN, as well as... read more