MIL connectors

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Market Applications and Solutions

Solutions for: Aerospace, Automation & Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer, Device, EDP, Equipments, Illumination, Lighting, LED & Display, Marine, Medical, Military, Railway, Solar & Renewable Energy, System, Wireless, etc..  ... read more
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Custom Engineering Service

Your Reliable Partner for Custom Products !!  ... read more
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Laminate Wafer Sockets (No Circuitry)

Combine the quality of a precision socket with the reliability and versatility of a glass epoxy insulator.  Sockets in this series are available in all standard DIP and QUIP styles, and in any configuration that can be drilled and routed.... read more
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Products & Applications 2009

Products for: Automotive, Audio/Video, Communications, Industrial, Marine, Military, Solar, Power, Wireless, Industrial Automation, Aerospace,  WiMax, Energy, GPS, Telecom, Outdoor LED Display, Traffic Sign, Base Station, IT, 3C, Computer Peripheral Equipments, Outdoor Sorveillance Medical High Temperature Pression and Test Applications  ... read more
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