Micro coaxial connectors

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Product Overview – KEL Corporation

Product Overview  
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Micro Coaxial Cable Connectors – Feature articles

KEL's efforts toward high-speed transmission performance !! KEL is actively working on high-speed transmission applications, and we are capable of measurements and circuit simulations using in-house equipment.  A connector for micro coaxial cable requires various aspects, such as connection reliability,... read more

Custom Wire Harness

KEL will have been provide for harness goods that assembled the connector and cable for cable to the customer requirement specification. It supports the overall design of the harness by technicians of harness, various procurement and management of cable is... read more
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Micro Coaxial Cable Connector – KEL Corporation

A connector for micro coaxial cable requires various aspects, such as connection reliability, bendability of the cable immediately before the connector, transmission characteristics, and stable quality, to be taken into account. KEL has developed connectors that satisfy the various aspects... read more
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KEL Products – Search by Application

You can search our products by application. Select the appropriate item from among the list of 18 types of finished products shown on the list.  We are always keen to incorporate customer needs into our new products. If you have... read more
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Market Applications and Solutions

Solutions for: Aerospace, Automation & Industrial, Automotive, Telecommunications, Consumer, Device, EDP, Equipments, Illumination, Lighting, LED & Display, Marine, Medical, Military, Railway, Solar & Renewable Energy, System, Wireless, etc..  ... read more
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Custom Engineering Service

Your Reliable Partner for Custom Products !!  ... read more
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KEL Products Application Note

Products Applications for: Monitor Entertainment, Image Processing, DLP Projector, NotePC Entertainment, Car Navigator Entertainment, Communications, Wimax ODU/IDU, Test Equipments, Motion Controls, Multifunction Peripherals, Gaming Machine, Medical Machine, etc..    ... read more