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Amphenol LTW designs and manufactures waterproof connectors which are high/low temperature resistant, UV resistant, and dusts, sands and corrosion proof and cable assemblies for various purposes and applications. All products meet IP66, IP67, IP68 or IP69K. The waterproof range includes Circular, RJ45, D-sub, Sensor, USB, DVI/HDMI, Power Connector, Hybrid Connector, etc.

Markets Applications: Agricoltural and Farming Electronic System, Broadband Wireless Access, Commercial Military Devices Construction Machineries / Heavy Vehicles, Fuel Cell Technologies ,Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) / Electric Vehicle (EV), Industrial Automation, LED – Displays – Lighting , Marine, Medical Devices, Metal Detectors MRT / Railway, Renewable Energy / Photovoltaic, Safety Detection and Warming System, Testing and Measurement Equipment, UV Water Filtering, etc..